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Setting an Affordable Price

Another important needs-based marketing objective is to set a price that customers find affordable and reasonable. 

Trucking  logistics is the research and planning of trucking operations. Typically, trucking logistics takes into account all the factors involved in the transportation of goods by truck with the goal of maximizing productivity and efficiency. This may include planning the most efficient routes for truck drivers, selecting optimal fuel types according to market trends, choosing the best kind of trucks for the particular task, and hiring an excellent staff of truck drivers.

Logistics is a term that historically was used for the preparation of military operations. Advantages in logistics and planning could help gain the best results in a prospective campaign by considering all possible factors involved in any operation. Logistics has developed as a concept and may now be utilized for the analysis of any aspect of a business. Trucking logistics uses this same thorough and extensive scope of analysis and applies it to the specific requirements of the trucking industry.

In most industrialized nations, trucks usually are the primary means for commercial transportation and the circulation of goods. Excellent trucking logistics not only helps individual companies achieve success, but may also contribute to the greater benefit of a nation’s economy. Economic analysts view transportation as a very high expense for any business, meaning that good logistics may dramatically decrease economic expenses. Good planning can eliminate unnecessary expenditures that could limit the success of a business.

In addition, the company will operate in an open and fair manner, obeying all laws and regulations. Our operations will always be open to examination from our industry partners as well as from regulatory agencies.  We will be open and honest in all our dealings, both outside the company and inside. 
The company’s key focuses will be safety and customer service. Safety provides not only a way to control costs, but sends a signal to the driving public about our attitude. We participate in an insurance group that demands safety and helps benchmark our standards and results against some of the best in the country.
Finally, we will always endeavor to provide our services in a cost-effective manner by using industry best practices.


One example of a need-satisfying marketing objective is to ensure that customers have convenient access to the product or service.

Employees will be treated fairly and our standard will be the Golden Rule, where we will treat people the way we want to be treated.

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